Works in Progress

I have been working towards getting a few novels published through a traditional publisher.  None of this is cover art, more like a “feel” for the book itself.




Working Title: Crowned Prince

Summary: Love is supposed to conquer all, but for Prince Eli, it might just lead to civil war.

The king’s health is failing, the Dragon God has not blessed an heir to the throne, and the nobility is divided. When the king dies, Prince Eli will do whatever it takes to keep the kingdom from falling into civil war. Cold and dispassionate, the prince arranges to marry a powerful duke’s daughter. The marriage will unite the nobility and guarantee Eli’s ascension to the throne, with or without the Dragon God’s blessing. But when a diplomatic mission introduces him to a slave, Prince Eli’s passions are ignited, and he finds himself falling in love with her kindness, compassion, and wit.

Auburn longs for a family and child of her own, but as a slave, she can have neither. When a mysterious prince from a foreign land visits her master, Auburn will do what she must to convince the prince to take her with him to the land of the Dragon God, a country that forbids slavery. But when she finds herself falling in love with the prince, she must control her heart or risk loving a man that doesn’t love her.

Eli has to show Auburn that she can trust him with her heart, but enemies of the Dragon God will stop at nothing to destroy Prince Eli’s kingdom. As old secrets are revealed, Eli must choose between his kingdom and the woman he loves.

Status: I have finished the story, as well as the first, second, third, and fourth rewrite. It’s with a beta reader now, and I will do another rewrite when I get it back. My goal is to have this polished and to submitted to agents by the end of June.



Working Title: Knight of Valor

Summary: When a Knight of Valor reluctantly agrees to help a sorceress escape from her master, he never planned to fall in love with her. But the powerful necromancer that wants to sacrifice her soul will stop at nothing to get her back, and the hallowed walls of Aerius are a long way away.

Status: Worked with an editor on the first twenty pages, and learned my POV was dated and reserved for current best-selling authors only. I have set this aside for now.




Working Title: A Knight’s Love

Summary: Knight York is sent to the recently liberated lands of Maraden, lands that have destroyed the last three men sent to rule them, but a secretive and alluring young wizard may hold the key to banishing the dark forces plaguing the lands. But can he trust her with his heart?

Status: Finished the first draft. Taking time away before coming back to revise it.




Working Title: Pirate Captain’s Daughter

Summary: After her parents’ disastrous marriage, Sapphire has sworn off matrimony. Her fortune makes a tempting target, and when her grandfather tries to force her into marriage, Sapphire looks to Sir Matthias for a platonic marriage. As Matthias shows Sapphire just how much more could be between them, helping unlock a sensuality she didn’t know she was capable of, her family’s darkest secrets come to light and threaten to destroy Sapphire and unleash an ancient evil.

Status: Finished the first draft and feel like the book is missing a lot. Need to rethink it.




Working Title: How to Love a Duchess

Summary: Still working on plotting this. The heroine is Daniella, sister of the heroine in Crowned Prince. The hero is Roark, one of the few men who survived defying the undead Knight that was the gatekeeper for the lich.

Status: Working on plotting.